Party invitations can be funny, attractive and it should match with the party theme. You can customize the invitations to give a gentle touch to the cards so that the invites will fell special by this attitude. Tell your child to do this. He or she will also enjoy working with it, tell him to cut, paste or color the cards as it requires or apply stickers to them.

How will you send?

Mailing invitations means you have to make cards, which are a very common thing. But if you want some fun, then you have to deliver the cards by hands to your colleagues, neighbors, classmates etc. You can give them three dimensional cards which look new and attractive birthday ideas. To give a new charm give the card in a bottle like a note and this will bring the pirate charm or you can use toys for gifting. If you are planning for outdoor party ideas, you can send cards with the hint of the theme of the party in them.


Time is very important because invitees will have to manage time for your party. Hence it will be better to send the invitations two or three weeks earlier. This will help to arrange their dates and purchase gifts for the party. Moreover, for outdoor party ideas in Newcastle invitees should schedule their time hence invite then beforehand.

Important information:

There are many things which should be clearly written in the invitation; otherwise there will be much confusion, which is not desired. You should write the party location clearly and if there is any dress code for party, make your guests well aware about that. Do not forget to mention the name of the party host. Date and time are among the most important information to mention. You should also clear about the party running time as when it will start and end. If you are giving a full-course meal, then mention otherwise write it. If the party is in the outdoor, tell them too.


If you are taking the kids for adventure sports, then ask their parents for permission. If the park has an application form, put that in the invitation. Tell them to wear comfortable wear that they can enjoy.

Pick up and drop off times:

Pick up and drop off times should be fixed or the parents will think that they can go anytime to pick up their children. And this is important when you are travelling from one place to another.